This was kind of interesting to see how this announcement was taken out of context and it’s not too surprising when you look around the web today and read some of the articles where folks are maybe looking for ratings.  He had to clarify that the hospitals are not closing for one and he statement of healthcare reform having an impact was drawn way over the border here as I think any hospital today can mildly say they have been affected, but this one went haywire with not keeping the rest of the facts in tact.  Like many other hospitals in the US they are looking for financial options and selling is obviously one that is in the works here, but the CEO stated he wants to be out of the political arena on all of it.  BD


Last week the CEO of Mercy Health System claimed national health care reform was partially responsible for the decision to put three hospitals up for sale.

His comments to Newswatch 16 hit the internet and President Obama's critics used it as a way to slam health care reform.

Now Mercy CEO Kevin Cook is fighting back. He doesn't like what's going on, claiming critics of health care reform are taking him out of context days before a critical election.

Less than a week after Mercy Health Care System announced it's looking for a buyer, radio ads hit the airways.

"Mercy Hospital President Kevin Cook said that President Obama's health care reform bill absolutely played a role in their decision to close their doors," states a radio ad paid for by and airing on local radio stations.

"First of all, we're not closing," Cook said Tuesday.

Mercy Hospital CEO Responds to Health Care Controversy - WNEP


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