These are funny and the Happy Hospitalist has few more over there and we are all being entertained today with the Xtranormal video series, these guys are good.  I imagejust picked a couple here that are perhaps what would appeal to all.  Hey some of this stuff is pretty real when you think about the traveling cardiologist and the demands on a hospitalist too as he’s the admitting guy at the hospital and has to work with the other doctors so his pages and calls can be many. 

In a humorous way we are looking at the passing of the baton, oh I mean patient here with all the information they are communicating back and forth and there’s a lot of it and as patients maybe we fill like a baton sometimes.   BD 

Hospitalist and Cardiologist
Hospitalist and ER Doctor

Hospitalist vs Cardiologist Xtranormal Medical Video Production


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