Now this is earth shattering when you look at the images on how it works so will going to a scanning facility stand to change dramatically in the future?  I certainly like the idea of not getting squashed as any woman will probably whole heartedly agree with me on that account.  image

Any tumors would show up on the screen in red.  It looks like there’s a little bit more design needed to make this ready for prime time.  Who knows in the future scanning could be done in in convenience of one’s home.  This is says something for exposure to radiation as the technology uses similar technology that is found in a cell phone so on that account it certainly would look to be a winner for sure as we all want less exposure to radiation today in healthcare where ever we can get it.  BD 

As Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, some promising news has emerged from the University of Manchester's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Professor Zhipeng Wu has developed a portable breast scanner that offers concerned patients real-time video images that clearly show the presence of a tumor. The lunchbox-sized scanner uses similar radio frequency technology as mobile phones but at a fraction of the power, and lends itself to being used in doctor's surgeries for instant screening or even continued monitoring at home.

Wu says that "although there is still research to be done, the system has great potential to bring a new way for breast cancer diagnosis." The patented innovation has been submitted to the IET Innovation Awards, the winners of which will be announced next month.

The new development starts to produce an image as soon as the breast enters the cup, with any tumor or abnormality showing up in red.

All images courtesy University of Manchester


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