This proves a point on how complicated health insurance has become when we need to get to this point of not only translating some of these services into other languages but are providing “health insurance dictionary” services here too.  I f you want to help out and suggest words, they are open for it so send them suggestions. 


Below is a screenshot that shows some of the first words that are being added.  imageWhat would be nice is to just get a single pay plan in place and dump all of this but I don’t think that thought stands much chance as there’s tons of analytics not to mention profits tied to all of this.  Maybe it’s time for us on the other side of the fence to begin our own effort and create our lingo <grin> 

What the hell is value based purchasing, it’s on the list….but getting much harder to find, not the lists as those are growing like weeds, but rather the value side of things.  BD   


ISI Invites Healthcare Providers, Insurers and Others to Submit New Buzz Words from Affordable Care Act to be Included in Translation Guide

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Phrases like “Grandfathered Health Plan” or “Biosimilar Biological Products” are hard enough to understand in English, let alone trying to accurately translate those concepts into Spanish, Chinese or any other of the dozens of languages in which healthcare providers must communicate.

Accurate translation of new jargon is just one of the many hurdles facing healthcare companies as they try to educate their customers about the new healthcare legislation – the Affordable Care Act. And that’s why ISI Translation Services ( today is launching an initiative to create a translation glossary for those buzz words that are particularly idiomatic.

ISI will begin with Spanish and Chinese translations of phrases and concepts like Grandfathered Health Plan, Rider-Free Penalty, Medical Loss Ratio, EOBs, EOCs and more. Anyone is invited to submit words or phrases that need translating to

Insurance News - Healthcare Reform Jargon Got Your Tongue?


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