This about improving financial relationships with the Home Care area and the company specializes in working with hospitals and how to grow their bottom line.  imageAegis was born from Vanderbilt University and interestingly enough was just sold this week to a private equity firm Metalmark Capital.  Interesting board member of Metalmark is Jules Kroll, and you can read more about him here, the forensic detective guy with technology fraud, due diligence deluxe. 

 From the website:

“Aegis specializes in the execution of proven business development strategies that drive measurable top line revenue growth for your hospital.  Leveraging a data-imagedriven hospital marketing approach with effective relationship management tactics, Aegis, as a partner and agent of your organization, targets the area employers and referring physicians who represent the bulk of your potential hospital consumers.  Through a unique combination of highly trained people, proprietary software, Internet applications, and focused educational initiatives, Aegis creates a dynamic relationship between your hospital and the physicians, employers and communities you serve.image

At Aegis, we specialize in helping healthcare organizations meet these challenges, and enhance bottom line performance through proprietary, reimbursement sensitive revenue growth strategies designed to improve your hospital’s market share, volume and payer mix in today's healthcare environment. Our relationship-driven marketing programs specifically target community employers and physicians -- the two constituents who represent the bulk of your hospital’s potential consumers.”

Part of the Aegis business involves testing services for pain clinics, anti-doping services for sports teams, and forensic testing for crime labs.  BD

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--St. Joseph Home Health Network, a leading provider of home health services throughout Orange County, CA, has partnered with Aegis Health Group to implement and manage a comprehensive physician relationship management program.

“Physician Relationship Management: Ensuring the Stability and Vitality of Today’s Hospitals”

By integrating the latest technology with a high-touch approach, Aegis will assist St. Joseph Home Health Network in establishing strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with the medical staff. The program includes a new physician relations specialist to serve as a liaison between the health network and its physicians as well as Aegis’ proprietary software, PRISM, which allows the specialist to record and track vital data about physicians’ utilization patterns and respond to doctors’ requests in a personal and efficient manner.

St. Joseph Home Health Network is owned by St. Joseph Hospital, St. Jude Medical Center, Mission Hospital and Mission at Laguna. The Home Health Network offers very specialized home health services for Orange County communities’ adult populations who require intermittent care in their homes, including private duty nursing, infusion pharmacy and hospice services.

St. Joseph Home Health Network Engages Aegis Health Group to Enhance Physician Relationships | Business Wire


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