Here’s a screenshot below from a prior post that gives one a Wellpoint email address if your have “Congressional concerns” and I don’t know about you, but if I had issues I think I would send my issues direct to Congress as a citizen, right?  Again, I come back to the same statement I have made for a year now, watch what is going on with subsidiary actions as later in the post there one is mentioned and we should not forget United too as they have tons of subsidiaries and provide auditing services and sometimes the lines get crossed on who’s watching who and don’t cut off too much here as the transaction profits could dwindle.  This has been going on for years and subsidiaries can do things and use data that perhaps would be out of line for a corporation as a whole to do, it’s very gray out there folks and nobody seems to be doing an adequate job of minding this shop and this is why members of Congress better get themselves some high powered Algo Men, just like what is used on Wall Street where the algorithms rule. 

When it comes to awarding contracts, well what choices does HHS have in some areas as they are somewhat confined to who has the data and the IT systems.  Not comprehending this and asking for more of the same is not getting us anywhere.  How does Grassley want HHS to get Medicare contractors inline here, it’s almost impossible to get any great amount of cooperation?  He’s not alone with this confusion as it comes down to knowing how all the algorithmic processes work today and this is a waste of time confronting the battle in this manner and makes only for news articles to show someone is looking, and at what and how we don’t really know.

Grassley Asking About Fraud and Waste from HHS-Where’s the Incentive for Contractors to Fight Fraud They Lose Transaction Income From Processing Claims-Legit or Fraud Its Income

If I am not mistaken here I see shades of non participation here and some 70s values creeping back in again, which will kill us today.  Grassley is not along as Gingrich doesn’t get it either.  You need to understand business marketing and strategies today too, as they have changed a lot recently, evidenced by the big profits on Wall Street.

Newt Gingrich Gets Healthcare Value Bass Ackwards–It’s All About Those Algorithms

It is not the fault of HHS as they are simply working with the cards that were dealt many years ago that are still on the table today, the folks who have the data and they would look like fools to give contracts to those who don’t have the data you think?  In essence their hands are tied due to this fact and the 70s folks can’t see this as non participants. 


“To support its efforts, CMS recently awarded a $5.5 million five-year contract to National Government Services Inc., a large Medicare contractor in 20 states, to assist in preparing and processing incentive payments beginning in fiscal 2011.

The services will help ensure the proper accounting of the payments to eligible physicians and hospitals under the HITECH Act, according to CMS.”

Medicare Contractor Gets Deal to Monitor Physician Incentive Payments–Same Folks Earlier This Week Admonished For Not Doing Enough for Fraud Prevention?

Instead of moving forward, we get the non participants and those lacking the literacy of how algorithms work with everything having a system not seeing value in cloud technology that stands to make things run more efficient and save one heck of a lot of money, duh?

Senate Cuts Cloud Services From Budget That Would Allow for Data Center and IT Infrastructure Consolidation–Back to the 8 Track Tapes Next?

A few weeks ago staff members were treated to all kinds of stuff at a health fair and in my tiny opinion, it would have been better spent looking for some Algo Men.

Senate Staffers Get Free Participation in a Health Fair To Include Massages, Food Tastings, Use of MP3 on the Taxpayer’s Tab

I hope he finds what he’s looking for as I found several areas on the web in the news and some simple Google searches and gee this wastes so much time and again, he would be wise to get some high powered smart thinking Algo Men.  BD

Senate Finance Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has asked the CMS to list any identified conflicts of interest among the agency's contractors and highlight any steps that CMS has taken to prevent those conflicts.

Grassley then cited a decision by the Government Accountability Office earlier this year in which the GAO upheld a protest by company C2Solutions to a CMS decision to give the company AdvanceMed a contract to detect and investigate potential fraud because of its conflict of interest. In that instance, the contract would have positioned AdvanceMed to evaluate the work of its own parent company, Computer Sciences Corp.

Grassley sees potential for conflicts in contractor programs - Healthcare business news from Modern Healthcare


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