Well we knew this one could not be far behind as EHRs and EMRS go through the process and since they will be integrating data, PHRs are the next to go through the process of certification. As with other projects, they are always looking for imagevolunteers for the project, but I just wish the expense of certification could be reduced somewhere along the line or at least know the proceeds paid by the vendors are perhaps going towards some type of charity or research project. BD

The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology has appointed a 17-member advisory task force to create a personal health records certification program to begin in 2009. CCHIT envisions conducting an environmental scan in July; developing draft criteria this summer; publishing draft criteria in September or October with a comment period; developing draft test scripts and refining criteria this fall; conducting alpha tests late this year,; publishing refined criteria and test scripts in December or January 2009; conducting pilot tests in January and February 2009; publishing proposed final criteria and test scripts in March or April 2009 with a comment period; publishing final materials in May 2009; and starting the program in July 2009.

CCHIT to Certify PHRs

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