imageThe listings for the $4.00 Generic Retailer drug plans are linked on this site.  If you are searching for a listing, you can find it here with the major retailers, Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart and more.  I have provided the links to make it easy to do a simple look up rather than having to navigate each site, locate the pharmacy section, etc. 


In addition, through Epocrates, you can do a quick drug look up.  Type in the name and do a search and that's all there's to it.


If you don't find the information there, there's also a Google search on the site right in the same area.  Since updating the format, new things have been added and some of the old links are in new places.  I'll try to include at least one post each week to somewhat describe what in the heck is on this page! 

Thank you again for stopping by and your continued readership.  BD 


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