Finally after years of conflict, but the rules basically state that the business should be "non-profit" and that everyone have their "pot card" so they are registered.  This battle has gone on for years and Los Angeles even has vending machines in a couple places that dispense legal marijuana for medical purposes.  BD 

SACRAMENTO -- For the first time in the dozen years of turmoil since state voters legalized medical marijuana, California's top law enforcement official stepped into the fray Monday with new guidelines designed in part to quell the ongoing friction between the state and federal authorities.
Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown issued an 11-page directive intended to help legitimate patients avoid arrest while giving police the tools to distinguish legal medical marijuana operations from illegal cultivators and criminal middlemen.

He suggested his new "road map" would serve as a shield against the federal government, which has waged war against the state's pot rules by conducting raids and mounting court challenges.

California attorney general issues medical marijuana guidelines - Los Angeles Times


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