More money going overseas to help grow a hospital chain and yesterday I had posted about the big medical institutions here having investments overseas, in other words branding facilities with names that are highly accredited here in the US. 

It appears that more US investors are looking outside of the US healthcare industry for lucrative investments.  BD 

A Malaysia-based hospital operator run by Seattleites and backed by local investors says there's money to be made by treating India's upwardly mobile to American-style health care. And it's betting big bucks on it. Columbia Pacific, a Seattle investment firm, said it has raised $135 million to go after the Indian market. Its Asian venture, Columbia Asia, has 13 facilities in Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam and expects to have 39 by the end of the decade, more than half in India.

The company's growth is in part driven by the expansion of private health insurance in Asia. About 70 percent of the company's revenues come from insurer payments, Evans said.

Business & Technology | Seattle fund bankrolls Asian private hospital chain | Seattle Times Newspaper


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