Take a look at the website, I had no idea that thermometers came in so many flavors.  You can wear one, put one under your arm, and use on in your ear, which we have all pretty much seen that model used at our doctor's offices. 

I don't know about making a fashion statement yet with wearing one, but there are are a lot of choices today from Vicks.  BD 

Still trying to figure out what’s the reading in the conventional thermometers? Well all the imageworries are gone now? The new Vicks Forehead Thermometer is the new thermometer that allows parents to easily monitor their kids’ temperature with out any hassles. The thermometer sensor scans the temperature from the temple to forehead and by using the heat from the  temporal artery and assesses the temperature quicker than the normal conventional thermometers. The reading is in color coded manner with green background indicating normal temperature while the red background indicating fever. Simple, nice and easy way to measure temperature.


Hat Tip:  Medlaunches


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