In the near future, are we going to know how to shop?  This is one store who has a partial solution in place.  As posted previously there are carts that you can log in to and accomplish the same without a hand held device.  Would be nice to see some standards here too, as we discuss in health care all the time.  Recently I posted a video from Microsoft and and Johnson and Johnson that shows the future of health care here. 

In doctors offices today we are seeing very similar innovations taking place.  Some of this is already in place with some imagedoctor's offices, and Kaiser is one example with patients now having had access to their health records for the last 2 years and the upcoming integration with the Microsoft HealthVault right in the works.   Log on and update before the next visit to the doctor.

For now, enjoy the trip to the market. BD

Since 2005, Stop & Shop has been quietly deploying Hi-Tech gadgets in a dozen of their locations. Today Stop & Shop has deployed a variety of digital gadgets in 376 store locations.

These digital devices enable customers to weigh their own produce, order a variety of cold-cuts at the deli counter, by using a video touch screen, and pay without the assistance of a cashier.

Stop & Shop Supermarket Chain Goes Hi-Tech


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