All is not lost, more trials to continue.  At least we are starting to see some real transparency with reporting, as much as it is not positive news, but its better to have accurate trial information out there so everyone knows where the potential drug stands.  BD 

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co and Pfizer Inc said on Tuesday their apixaban blood clot preventer failed its primary goal in a late-stage trial, and that they no longer plan to seek marketing approval next year for the pill.

But the drugmakers and industry analysts said some data in the trial were encouraging and that the medicine could still prove effective in preventing dangerous blood clots in other large trials. The drugmakers said 9 percent of knee-surgery patients receiving apixaban developed dangerous clots, versus 8.9 percent of those receiving Lovenox. The new drug, therefore, was not deemed statistically as effective as Lovenox.


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