Is this a new sign of the times with the insurers purchasing HMOs?  One thing it will do is bring more under contract with additional services and offices available from the consumer end and the employees of the HMO appear to have benefited with keeping their jobs.  BD 

The area's largest health maintenance organization, Florida Health Care Plans, will no longer be affiliated with the area's largest health care provider. Halifax Health's board unanimously approved the HMO's sale to BlueCross BlueShield of Florida on Thursday.

The long-rumored, $85 million sale of the nonprofit health care provider is expected to be completed sometime between November and the end of December. The deal will not have any immediate effect on existing contracts and policies, either for its members or contracted doctors, officials said...The system will realize about $45 million in revenue after debt attached to the HMO is resolved. The board of BlueCross BlueShield approved the deal Wednesday.

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