According to the article, this company, Number One Plus condoms, seems to have cornered the market here.  This practice appears to be growing in Cambodia.  This sounds like new clinical trial territory and something the FDA might want to take a look at (grin).  Here's a video of the current advertising campaign in use.  BD 

PHNOM PENH (AFP) - A condom lubricant designed for sex workers and gay men has become a popular acne cure among female Cambodians, women in the capital and local media said Thursday.

Number One Plus, a water-based lubricant produced by health organization Population Services International (PSI), is an excellent cure for acne, 29-year-old vendor Tep Kemyoeurn told AFP.

"After I used it for three days, all of my acne dried up and went away," she said. "Many people believe in it," she added.

Condom lubricant popular acne cure for Cambodian women - Yahoo! News

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