Now this is just so very cool, using the wand to have the text read back to a person who is blind.  It requires wearing a headset to hear the voice reading the content.  There is no special requirements for the device either, just pass the wand over the text, it reads.  I hope this technology continues to develop and it will stand to open a new world of information for those who cannot see.  BD 

imageThe Braille concept for the visually impaired was a fine concept, but it was not  complete, as the majority of the lore existed in the regular books. This implied that special books equipped with the Braille technology had to be manufactured for the blind, and this in turn imagedeprived them of the knowledge that the normal folks assimilated in their lifetime. But this was only until the voice stick arrived. Designed by Sungwoo Park, the Voice stick is an advanced optical character recognition scanner intended to make all books available to the visually impaired.


Voice stick makes regular books available for the visually impaired -


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