This is good news, but one thing that crosses my mind though, is what are the long term effects of using this frequently?  Will it have any longstanding effects on the skin of the people using this on a continuing basis?  Just some thoughts here as one may wonder how much use the human skin could handle and perhaps there may be more information on this side of the coin as it imagebecomes available.  BD  

In the study the researchers formed a synergistic blend of ethanol, polyquaternium polymer and organic acid and tested its capability to inhibit human and animal viruses. When compared with a benchmark alcohol-based hand sanitizer, results showed higher levels of reduced infectivity of human rotavirus, adenovirus type 5, poliovirus type 1, and norovirus, as well as feline calicivirus and murine norovirus type 1 from the new ethanol-based sanitizer.
"Based on these results, we conclude that this new ethanol-based hand sanitizer is a promising option for reducing the transmission of enteric viruses, including norovirus, by food handlers and care providers," say the researchers.

News From The Journals Of The American Society For Microbiology


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