New marketing technique going on here, gets you to the website, but no mention of the drug nameimage.  This ranks right up there with the Placebo ads from the FDA for a fake blood pressure pill, and what website will it take you to? 

Is there any honestly or dignity left in advertising?  BD

Name a prescription drug in a TV ad, and you also have to list all the side effects. 

But if you talk about a condition rather than a drug, you can dispense with the side-effect talk and send people to a Web site — which in turn promotes your drug.

So-called “unbranded product advertising” has been around for a while. But with direct-to-consumer drug ads facing scrutiny recently, the soft sell is having a revival, the WSJ reports.

Health Blog : For Chantix and Ambien, Ads That Dare Not Speak the Drugs' Names


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