Here's one that goes back to the drawing board, much money invested but yet, not safe.  Sometimes we get impatient and would like to see drugs approved at a much accelerated rate, but there's this item called "safety", which everyone knows is there, but still impatience exists.

If it touches you or a family member, then it is right up there with importance, but to the rest of us, it can't have the same personal impact.  Public rallies take place in support based on studies and sometime preliminary knowledge, but until the whole story is in, you just don't know, and after that fact there's still gray areas where we still don't know.  This has been a very heated area with the treatment of all cancers, prostate more so in the news than most.  BD  

The drugmaker halted a late-stage of its GVAX prostate cancer therapy after 20 more deaths were reported in patients on its treatment versus a placebo, sending its shares plummeting more than 75 percent to an all-time low, Reuters reports.

Cell Genesys Ends Prostate Cancer Trial Over Deaths // Pharmalot


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