Until the recommendations are out, it appears the physicians are not sure which way to go with this and in a way, it is understandable, as everyone wants to stay within the proper guidelines so everyone is on the same path, so in the meantime it appears to be a bit of of unknown here as to which is the appropriate path to follow and hopefully it won't take too long to sort out so the information can be discussed with patients.  A decision is slated for 2009 and there are over 3800 cases diagnosed every year.  One thing a patient could do for general information though, is go to the web.  BD 

One in four doctors choose not to discuss life extending cancer treatments that are awaiting NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) approval with their patients. The research, commissioned by Myeloma UK, also revealed that 75 percent of doctors receive no guidance on discussing the availability of these treatments with their patients and a fifth of doctors believe that prescribing new treatment options for myeloma is completely 'out of their hands'.[i]

Myeloma is a terminal cancer of the plasma cells.

Cancer Patients Are Kept In The Dark Surrounding Treatments Awaiting NICE Approval, UK


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