This bring up a very good point with all the recent budget cuts, why does it take Medicare so long to realize the savings?  Camptosar is not on the $4.00 generic listings, as all generics do not make the list, but worth checking.  image

One resource I used to find out more about the drug was the link to Epocrates on this page.  Anytime the posts on this site make reference to any kind of drug and you would like more information, use the search on this site to find out more information and to see the total profile.  You can save time by not having to switch to another window or tab to get quick information.  Click on the image here to see an example, very complete and understandable.  BD 

When generics hit the market, the price drops. That's conventional wisdom. But in the case of Medicare, it's not always true. According to a new report from the Health and Human Services inspector general, the formula Medicare uses to pay for certain drugs doesn't incorporate the new price for months. Take Camptosar, Pfizer's cancer drug that went generic in February. In March, Medicare paid $126 per dose, despite the fact that the average generic price for it was only $41--and the average price for both the generic and branded versions the same month was only $52. Even now, Medicare is still paying $75.

Medicare overpays for new generics - FiercePharma


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