The same day that Doctors emerged from bankruptcy, the state Department of Public health fined the hospital for the deaths of 2 patients, so they have a ways to go yet.  Story below about another hospital struggling to come out of bankruptcy by management attempting to lower patient care standards to survive.  BD  image

IT'S GOOD NEWS THAT Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo has been taken off of financial life-support with its emergence from bankruptcy this week. Now, as two recently revealed incidents demonstrate, hospital leaders need to refocus on their primary mission — patient care.

The health care district that operates the hospital filed for protection from its creditors in October 2006. Under the court-approved plan, vendors, suppliers and other creditors with unsecured claims will receive 40 cents on the dollar during a four-year period.

A hopeful prognosis -

In Hemet, California: 

Another hospital trying to come out of states they need to cut standards for patient care in order to make ends meet.  BD 

Workers at Menifee Valley Medical Center and Hemet Valley Medical Center voted by a near 2-to-1 margin last night to authorize a strike. The vote gives caregivers' elected bargaining team the ability to call a strike if the board of directors of Valley Health System (VHS) continues to allow its management team, Quorum, to reject workers' proposals to help the hospitals recover from bankruptcy and protect patient care.


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