image You can set up a log in and donate today.  Click here for details.  As I had posted in a story a couple days ago, the bar has risen for venture capitalist investments, it is still there, but perhaps a little tougher to get, and with government cuts on grants and availability for research, this hour is devoted to further raising money from the community, company sponsors and many more, thus the name "Stand Up To Cancer".  Unprecedented to see all 3 major networks in participation! 

Much of the new research is also based in genomics research.  You can search the site for additional information, plus the blog has a wealth of information on some of the latest breakthroughs that are taking place. 

Stand Up To Cancer is a charitable services fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.  You can even quickly donate $5.00 easily through your cell phone, so every dollar will count.  


Stand Up To Cancer ( is an initiative to raise philanthropic dollars for accelerating ground breaking research through an unprecedented collaboration uniting the major television networks, entertainment industry executives, celebrities and prominent leaders in cancer research and patent advocacy [1]. On Friday, September 5th, at 8:00 pm EST and PST, ABC, CBS and NBC will donate one hour of simultaneous commercial-free prime time for a national fundraising event.



You can create you own team or join one that has already been created.  Lots of choices here to get the job done. 


See you on Friday, so mark the calendar. 

Stand Up To Cancer

Hat Tip:  Highlight Health (thanks so much for the reminder and finding the YouTube video)


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