Cerner president speaks out about the insurance business, "they need to be redefined".  Amgen CEO and President Kevin Sharer called for a better structured FDA.  Overall the summary statement says the same thing I have brought up time and time again, who's going to to pay the bill.  Software companies are apparently not happy with today's status of affairs and Pharma has concerns with their side of the table as well.  BD

Health-Care Allies...for Now Insurers, drug companies, and advocates agree health care needs fixing. But questions linger about who will foot the bill.

In the dais, Trace Devanny, president of electronic-medical-records marketer Cerner (CERN), advocated wringing efficiencies out of health care with information technology, then plowing the money back into preventive care—a common refrain. But afterward, Devanny was more explicit: "At the end of the day, there are $700 billion a year spent on administration," he told BusinessWeek. "Insurance companies as we know them need to be redefined."

Health-Care Allies...for Now


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