No more buy one, get the second at 10% off, for a quick example.  Physicians will no longer get discounts for prescribing imagedrugs in a "bundled" package.  We all are familiar with sales tactics as such is done in retail all the time, and instead the drugs will be offered up front at a lower price, so in other words a purchase of other drugs made by the same company will no longer be required to get the better price.  BD  

It’s been a while since we heard much about Amgen’s struggling anemia-drug franchise. But this morning’s New York Times brings word that the company is changing a couple of pricing practices that some critics have argued encouraged overuse of the drugs.

First of all, the company is getting rid of “bundling” — giving docs discounts on other Amgen drugs based on how much of their anemia-drug business consisted of Amgen’s Aranesp.

Health Blog : Amgen to End Controversial Anemia-Drug Sales Practices


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