This is hot stuff!  Recently I had an in depth interview with Dr. Patrice Milos, Chief Scientific Officer at Helicos discussing genomics and where the future is going.  Helicos has the software and the genomics machine, and wouldn't this be a nice addition to run on Surface.  This was very interesting to watch the hands on work with interrupting the action between the molecules, in this case looking at the possibility of a transplant surgery ahead of time to have more knowledge up front with building expressions.   

Genomic biomarkers help identify which patients will or will not benefit from certain drugs and this was a visual sample of the process shown here with the use of Surface. 

One recent example is the Warfarin sensitivity tests cleared by the FDA as an aid to identify patients at risk for increased sensitivity to the widely used blood-thinning drug.

As a matter of fact, just today the FDA approved such a genetic test for checking for the level of rejection for a heart transplant and you can read more here. 

Dr. Crounse from Microsoft has posted some very interesting information this week on his blog relative to the Microsoft Health Users Group on his blog which was posted here a couple weeks ago on how to join in.   He always keeps us updated on the latest technology and earlier this year at the HIMMS convention I was fortunate enough to steal a few minutes of him time as well, of course talking about technology. 


Also, below are some ways pulmonary and cardiologists might use the technology to get inside a heart, zooming right in on the aorta of the heart.  Below is a link the video provided by Dr. Crounse that shows all of this in motion.  The HealthBlog can be found here for the rest of the details.  Here's another related post that shows where the next step beyond Surface is headed. Imagine seeing Surface in the Emergency Room on your next visit.  The link to the blog for MSDN is also included in the blog roll on the site.  BD 

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"I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the closing keynote at Microsoft HUG where we  unveiled for the first time some of the healthcare applications being developed for Surface.  Randy Fusco, chief technology officer for our US Health and Life Sciences team lead the discussion.  He was joined by Erik Rock, CTO of Microsoft partner, Medhost; Tim Huckaby, CEO of Microsoft partner InterKnowlogy; and Dr. Peter Kuhn of the Scripps Research Institute

Erik, Tim and Peter showed examples of how Surface can be used as a collaborative work-flow tool for doctors and nurses in the emergency room, for surgeons mapping out complex new surgical procedures,or for researchers as they work on new drug discoveries. 

And this is just the beginning!  As Surface director of product management, Matt Champagne, said at the opening of the keynote, "Surface is open for business".   To help you understand how Surface is being used in health, check out this VIDEO CLIP that I shot just prior to this afternoon's keynote."


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