As the investigation continues, one homeless woman used the money for crack but yet her schizoaffective disorder was never treated.  If one was looking to bill for additional money, and at least truly treat a patient, I would think this could have generated some legitimate funds.  Also noted is the CFO of the Tustin Hospital being on the take, not as bad as the story the other day with the CFO embezzling money from the children's hospital, but right up there all the same. 

In a related article, the longstanding CEO of Pacific Health, who owns the Tustin facility also spoke out, referencing recent fines, stating they were not critical as the other fines where other hospitals had surgical instruments had been left inside during surgery.  image They are attempting to purchase Anaheim General Hospital. 

Hospitals are now rushed and sometimes using nursing agencies to fill in the gaps and the efficiently folks are watching every dime, sometimes doing conveyor belt surgeries, like 7 knees in 7 hours to keep the cost down of the surgery rooms. 

You can only go so far without forgetting this is still the people business and economics and good health care have to have a happy medium.  The Medicare and Medicaid budget cuts have also come in to play, so will there be more desperate hospitals on the horizon?  BD 

And her story, told in legal documents, shows how investigators believe Tustin Hospital and two others in Los Angeles bilked government health insurance programs out of millions of dollars.

Recruit X is homeless, lives on Skid Row and suffers from a mental illness. She has federal Medicare benefits to cover her health needs. Recruit X suffers from a schizoaffective disorder but she was never treated for that during her hospital stays. Once, the court papers say, a non-existent cardiopulmonary condition was treated with a nitroglycerin patch, which relaxes blood vessels to the heart to prevent chest pain. She then "suffered a precipitous drop in blood pressure that left her ill and scared for her safety," the documents say.

The city attorney's suit alleges Tustin Hospital's chief financial officer Vincent Rubio personally received $3,500 a month from the operators of the bogus Skid Row clinic run by Metropolitan Healthcare. A Tustin Hospital receptionist said Thursday that Rubio hasn't worked at the hospital for several months.

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