The FDA recommended recall, so they company didn't recall, so this was the result.  It was sold as a product for ED that had some of the same ingredients as Viagra, but sold as a diet supplement type of product, so this is one you will no longer see on the shelves. BD

Xiadafil is taken as an alternative to Viagra in the treatment of erectile dysfunction when the patient is advised not to take the latter because of medical conditions or possible interactions with other medications they are on.

Consequently the presence of hydroxyhomosildenafil could cause health problems. After performing the chemical analysis the FDA inspected SEI’s facility and warned the company of potential repercussions.

SEI stopped distributing the product and closed its website but refused to recall the product from the market. This was followed by the issuing of a “stop sale” by Florida state officials, which required SEI to keep contaminated batches found at its facility until further notification.

FDA seizes drugs worth $74,000 

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