Identity theft has reached a new plateau.  How does one feel about a story like this, as he needed the surgery to save his life and he felt there was no other alternative.  What he did was not right by any shape or form, but again, when threatened with death, desperate people do desperate things and this is certainly one prime example.

One thing the article does point out though is that he was a former convicted arsonist, and to create an identity with all the medical records, blood type, conditions, treatments, you name it took some work.  $350,000 had been billed to the Medicaid account.  image

This makes a statement too once more on the healthcare system of the US, and what can happen when a solution can't be found. Recently I have been doing a series on Desperate Hospitals and now it appears one could also be created for Desperate Patients as well.  Nice move on the part of the hospital to cover the cost of the surgery after all of this.  Video on the story is available at the source.  BD 

Authorities say John Parsons, 57, of Oak Park stole the identity of a mentally disabled friend to pay for heart bypass surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago in 2007. Parsons allegedly racked up about $350,000 in medical expenses billed to the friend's Medicaid account.
It was not until copies of the bills started arriving at the Joliet home of Phillip Johnson that police said his live-in caregiver discovered the alleged scam.

Northwestern Memorial is covering the cost of the surgery so Johnson is not responsible for it, said spokeswoman Kris Lathan. She said hospital officials have begun their own investigation.

Man stole pal's identity to pay for bypass surgery, police say --


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