I have posted this here before, but the $4.00 Generic Resource listings are a good all in one place to find what drugs are imageoffered by the retailers at the discounted price.  I appreciate the papers also spreading the word to others.   Reuters was the first to circulate and the 2 other papers added the listing this week. 

This is a good area for anyone, physicians and patients alike to search as it is all in one place and saves having to navigate each site individually as the links go direct to the listings.  There's also a direct query in the same spot to Epocrates to locate information on any drug, again all in one spot, so save yourself some time in navigating the web!

And there is even a Google search there too!  Anyway, some shortcuts that will save time and cut the search efforts down to a minimum.  If you are coming here to read, take advantage of the other resources listed here too! 




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