Is there not end to advertising and marketing?  Is this to bring a new meaning to "start your engines" in the ER or perhaps is this an effort to bring more "pit" minded teamwork attitudes together or just make some money.   I would check with your local hospital administrator first on policy before jumping in to your new Dale Earnhardt wardrobe as many already have approved logos that reflect names and departments within the facility.  What company will be the next to "brand" scrubs?  BD

imageimage7/24-7PressRelease/ - Lowell, MA, August 31, 2008 - Bill Wilson, CEO of, announced that its online  store will be selling a new line of NASCAR merchandise - apparel geared towards the medical and healthcare industry - Scrubs, both tops and bottoms, available in all the popular NASCAR drivers logos. The Scrubs from Landau are available in number of colors and design for both male and female professionals.

Press Release - NASCAR scrub apparel for Medical and Healthcare professionals


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