Cupron Health has a website that is discusses copper technology and it's use in clothing and other items.  This seems to make the wrinkle process easy, just use a pillow, no creams or other items to be applied.  Maybe we should wait and see what the clinical studies actually reveal here and if they are good, well everyone might be sleeping on copper soon.  BD 

Researchers have developed a copper oxide pillow case, with tests showing those who used it for four weeks had fewer lines and wrinkles than those using conventional bedding. image

Clinical trials, supervised by a dermatologist, were carried out on 57 volunteers for four weeks, with the volunteers either given an anti-wrinkle pillow, which feels no different for normal fabric, or a similar conventional pillow.

By the end of the trial, those sleeping on the copper pillows were statistically more likely to have less wrinkles.

A pillow that can clear wrinkles - Telegraph 

Hat Tip:  Medlaunches


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