This comes as no surprise as most of us have probably all done this at some point in time.  Antibiotics and pain medications lead the race here.  I've done it when a family member had the same anti-biotic I was taking.  There are other dangers though beyond this level, what if you were allergic to the medication and have never taken it before, just something to give some thought to if you have never taken a "borrowed" drug. 

Pain medications are frequently never finished so this is another common incident that occurs and after surgery I too have had extras of those around as I didn't need the full prescription after the first few days, so there's a lot of extra pills hanging around out there.  Before you share and share alike, this deserves some real thought before jumping in by all means.  BD  image

ATLANTA, Aug. 26 -- The patient's name on the prescription bottle may bear little resemblance to the identity of the person actually swallowing the pill. Apparently there's a lot of risky sharing and borrowing of these medications.

According to a survey, 28.8% of women and 26.5% of men said they had shared or borrowed someone else's prescription drug during their lifetime (rate ratio 1.08, 95% CI 1.04 to 1.13), Margaret Honein, Ph.D., of the CDC, and colleagues reported online in the Journal of Women's Health.

Medical News: Adults Commonly Share Prescription Drugs with Friends and Family - in Product Alert, Prescriptions from MedPage Today


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