More added to the list at various stages either with investigations, layoffs, some trying to figure out how to stay open next year.  Some are already deep in debt while some are teetering on the fence post after budget cuts, in short all looking for money to survive and one home health care unit, part of Catholic Healthcare West closing.  BD

In Gridley, CA 

Semi rural area in northern California struggling with finding money.  BD

Groups of concerned citizens met Monday and Tuesday mornings at the hospital's Health Services Center to hear how $250,000 operating reserve can be raised in order to keep our local hospital open.    As the second largest employer in town, BGMH employs 150 full time employees, with an average payroll of over 8 million per year. The loss of that 8 million to this community would be significant . BGMH has the only emergency room on the Highway 99 corridor from Chico to Sacramento.

In Allegheny, PA

Full on Securities and Exchange investigation here with questions on whether or not revenue was inflated to help secure past loans.  BD

The West Penn Allegheny Health System is cooperating with a Securities and Exchange Commission probe of the hospital network’s $73 million revenue write-down, health system President and CEO Dr. Christopher Olivia told investors Wednesday.

Jeff Schaub, senior director at Fitch Ratings, said the SEC inquiry was among a number of topics Olivia addressed during a private, three-hour meeting with bondholders. The meeting was closed to media representatives and the public.


The problem exists all over Hawaii actually, one hospital laying off to hopefully keep the doors open, low compensation from insurers is one of the main issues here.  BD 

While hospitals around the island mull their options for coping with rising costs, Kona Community Hospital is making tough decisions, laying off 55 workers last month and slashing nonessential costs in an effort to keep its doors open.  The hospital was projected to be short $3.6 million this year, which means it is juggling bills from pharmaceutical companies, the power company, clinical laboratories, and other vendors.

We have fewer options on the neighbor islands. Oahu politicians are not aware of the situation we face here. we are short of money because reimbursements are so low," he said. "I'm happy to light a stick of dynamite under them if it's going to make hospitals better."

In Leominster, MA

Pro-Active budget analysis work and voluntary retirement plans to be issued.  BD 

In an effort to react to rising energy and other costs, the UMass Memorial HealthAlliance — Leominster Campus has offered early retirement and enhanced severance packages to 90 eligible employees.
The hospital, part of Worcester-based UMass Memorial Health Care, also plans to eliminate vacant positions and consolidate other jobs.
Patrick L. Muldoon, hospital president and chief executive officer, said yesterday the reductions would equal the cost equivalent of 37 full-time jobs, but no employees would be laid off.

In Onondaga County, NY

Debt and losses building here and funding is decreased, looking for solutions.  BD

Taking the brunt of it, Van Duyn Home and Hospital, losing more than $1 million dollars in state funding. A small number compared to the $3 million Governor Paterson wanted cut. The nursing home has had financial troubles in the past and was estimated to face a $5 million deficit by 2009.

In Cleveland, OH

No more free visits here, layoffs due to cut in budgets.  BD 

MetroHealth Medical Center has started calling 900 nonresident patients before their next doctor's appointments to inform them that they must pay $150 for each visit. If they don't have the money, patients are given lists of free and community health clinics in their home counties.

The decision to enforce the residency requirement became effective last week. About 73 employees also have been laid off because of the budget shortfall.

In Baltimore, MD

Work on hold, budget talks pending for new addition to the university medical center.  BD

Construction crews continued to work on the site for the proposed outpatient center at the University of Maryland Medical Center Wednesday more than a week after hospital officials told the state they would not complete the project.
University of Maryland Medical System officials did not respond to repeated requests for comment Wednesday, but told the Maryland Health Care Commission Aug. 18 that it would no longer pursue the $350 million Ambulatory Care Center.

In Stockton, CA

Home Health Care unit closes, no money from California budget, part of Catholic Healthcare West.  BD 

-St. Joseph's Community Home Care, an in-home supportive services agency that provides nurses and nursing assistants to help people with daily living activities, is closing down next month, a victim of the state's continued cutbacks in Medi-Cal reimbursements.

The agency, a separate business from its namesake St. Joseph's Medical Center, is affiliated with San Francisco-based Catholic Healthcare West. It employs approximately 70 workers - registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and certified nursing assistants - serving 40 clients who need help with light housekeeping, bathing, dressing and other activities, in some cases 24 hours a day.


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