Normally I don't post a lot on this subject, but if you need to keep track of messages, these are a couple services worth looking at.  YouMail is for cell phones only and Got Voice can do both land line and cell phones.  I use both!image

The both have a free or light version.  So why do I like services like this?  Well a few months ago, Verizon had some voice mail issues, lost a bunch of them for folks all over for a couple days.   I thought I was out of luck, but not so, I checked both of these services and guess what, voice mails!  I used the web interface from my computer and they were all there, so it's a nice back up system. 


Physicians could not afford to lose messages I would presume, so give this some thought, and even when you delete them from your phone, they are still here as a back up version from your computer, not bad.  I have needed that reference too a couple times when I have been too quick on the draw.  BD 


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