Called data mining...

If you are a researcher and have been accessing the data base from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, that have been hosting such public datasets, they have also removed the aggregate data from public availability.  BD

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Large amounts of aggregate human DNA data that the National Institutes of Health and other groups made open to researchers around the world is being locked up from public view due to privacy concerns that arose this week when a new forensic DNA method was announced that could conceivably leave people vulnerable to identification.

Until now, there was little concern that information from large public databases of information from genome-wide association studies could be used to identify singular individuals out of the thousands who gave samples.

However complex, NIH admitted that this new analytical tool goes beyond prior expectations, which held that individual profiles would need to be compared one against another to confirm a match, and that it is now possible to detect a single profile even in pooled data.

GenomeWeb News: Forensic Breakthrough Stirs NIH to Close GWAS Data from Public View


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