Blue people walking in to the ER, Hospital Lock Down, and 2 deaths over chemical exposure, scary story here and I can't remember the last time I heard about an entire hospital being on lock down. 

One ER shift that will be remembered for a long time and it's probably not all over yet as more information regarding those exposed may still come in.  BD 

(KTVI - -- Eight to ten people are hospitalized around the St. Louis area after being exposed to some type of hazardous chemical or material. At least two people are very critical condition. St. Anthonys Hospital in South County and DePaul Hospital in West County both shut down their emergency rooms when victims showed up with blue skin.

Some of the victims of the chemical accident were taken to Depaul Health Center and at one point the entire hospital was on lockdown.  As everything unfolded emotions were high. Investigators say three people walked into the emergency room after being exposed to a substance called nitro aniline.  Initially, they and everyone in the emergency room were quarantined and only the E.R was shut down, but officials later decided to shut down the entire hospital as a precaution,

MyFox St. Louis | Two Dead, Several Hospitals Locked Down After Hazmat Exposure


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