It turns out they have the same problem that everyone else has, not enough money, just like the series I have been doing on the Desperate Hospitals, so are we all going to run out of money soon?  We use money as justification for just about everything, cutting costs, not being able to do a good job, what next?  In the meantime out healthcare system continues on a downhill spiral with everyone standing by watching.  BD 

Seems like every time we turn around there’s a new report on Medicare’s ability — or lack thereof — to monitor for fraud.

Medicare’s acting administrator, Kerry Weems, disagreed with the finding that its oversight had been limited, pointing out in a letter that the agency has monitored fraud and abuse complaints, taken action in response, provided detailed guidance to the plans on fraud control and gathered information from them on their programs. But Weems added that inadequate funding has stymied heavy oversight. A Medicare Integrity Program funding cap has “seriously degraded [Medicare’s] ability to meet its responsibilities in combating fraud and abuse,” he wrote.

Health Blog : Report: Medicare Drug Fraud May Go Unnoticed


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