Only requires a blood sample, but the cost is not cheap, but neither is a heart transplant.  If one were having a transplant, this could be very valuable to know up front about potential rejection issues that would arise after the fact.  BD  image

The Food and Drug Administration said the test, called AlloMap, is an example of how the science of genetics is changing the practice of medicine.
The test analyzes certain kinds of genetic information contained in white blood cells. These are the cells that help the body fight off infections - but can also turn against a donated organ with devastating effects. After a patient's blood sample is checked in the lab, it is assigned a score that tells doctors what the odds are that the body is rejecting a transplanted heart.

The test is especially useful in detecting a "silent rejection"- one in which there are no evident symptoms, he added. The test costs $2,950

FDA OKs blood test for heart transplant rejection


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