An update on some hospitals financials and concerns. 

Redding, California

Hospital for sale, but not-for-profit buyer could jeopardize or break the city’s finances.

Given all that’s at stake in the sale of Shasta Regional Medical Center — a community anchor that employs hundreds and treats thousands when they are sick or injured — the fate of the downtown redevelopment district seems like a skinned knee in the emergency room.

But the city of Redding has legitimate financial concern about what kind of company buys the hospital. One-fifth of the property taxes that fund the downtown redevelopment zone could disappear overnight if a not-for-profit hospital giant such as Sutter Health or Kaiser Permanente took over Shasta Regional.

Freemont, California

Emergency room services outsourced. Other hospitals have done this as well to save money and keep budgets afloat. 

He attributed the recent increase to improved patient care from emergency care services. Earlier this year, the company was contracted to staff the emergency room, beginning in July. The group also serves Wood County Hospital and Mercy Hospital of Defiance.

Emergency care is the specialty of all the doctors and nurse practitioners who work for the company. ECS tends to hire physicians who are newly out of residency. When the patient volume rises, the Fremont staff can call in other physicians from the group to help.

Brooklyn, NY

Doctors are calling for a new board among other suggestions.

Doctors at a cash-strapped Brooklyn hospital want to sever ties with the hospital's parent company as a way of boosting revenue and saving a maternity ward that has been slated for closure.

The medical staff at Long Island College Hospital, in the Cobble Hill neighborhood, filed a plan with the state's Department of Health that would cut operating deficits by $20 million each year.

In July, the hospital's parent company, Continuum Health Partners, announced plans to shutter the obstetrics department in an attempt to stem medical malpractice costs and avoid bankruptcy.

Phillipsburg, PA

The area lacks a 24 hour emergency room and the hopes of re-opening the facility looking grim. 

During a brief hearing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Thursday, an attorney with the U.S. Trustee’s office said it appears that a possible agreement between the group that had run the hospital and a contractor looking into taking over the facility won’t work out.

“That doesn’t look like it’s going to come together,” said attorney Greg Lyons in response to a question from Judge Mary D. France about efforts to assign the hospital lease to another party.


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