Hopefully we will all get educated on what is ruling and running the US today, it’s not Tea Parties or the Soap Opera Congressional press we see everyday, it’s technology along with business models, software and the algorithmic formulas used to carve out money where it did not exist before.  Every business uses software today and competition with programming and creating desired results seems to have taken the main stage. This represents a lot of the hidden cost of our healthcare in the US.  image

I do have to somewhat think that big banks, healthcare organizations traded on the stock market, and more just have to love the challenge of thriving monetarily on what they can pass off with algorithmic reasoning.  Ask any stock trader on Wall Street today, they will commonly tell you it’s all about the “algos”.  With consumers too we are also fighting “tech denial” and when one is not curious to learn and find out exactly what is happening, well the tech folks actually don’t worry about this too much as the more ignorance that exists, especially in public opinion, the easier it is for them to continue their business models and efforts, as with little education or interest in how this takes place, it makes it easy for them.

Congress doesn’t seem to get it and they too are folks living in “tech denial”, spoken to by lobbyists that know the game plan and how to represent banks and companies in a way that will make sense outside the area of technology and yet still allow them to continue on, business as usual.  The lobbyists watch the soap operas too and intervene when necessary with creative verbal and perhaps otherwise convicting methodologies to serve their interest.  Bottom line is to keep working the business models that make money and intervene in the soap opera only when necessary so as not to lose footing. 

Does Congress recognize healthcare in the US as a crisis?  I am beginning to wonder, when you compare a big crisis like Haiti.  Are we running around judging people in Haiti who need care based on how they have taken care of their health, don’t think so, but yet the judgment system is alive and well here in the US, failure to recognize a crisis on our own home ground.  This is not to take away from the crisis by any means at they need every bit of help they can get in Haiti, but again I draw attention to the “tech denial” folks that are in positions to make a difference, and are they?   Do our leaders recognize this crisis?  I am really beginning to wonder if our leadership as well as many here in the US are too distracted to fully comprehend what is happening.  Look what he have out there, former candidates taking 2 years to say “I lied”, again more OMG stories and a source of distraction to a degree.  Now looking back can we say “thank goodness” on this account?

Again, member of Congress ask for information and reports, but will they understand them, or does this get rolled up into the healthcare soap opera too?  I keep imagesaying this and there’s real merit here too, as informed patients have better results and the same holds true for our leaders as they are someone’s patient too, are they not? I would really like to see real collaboration here and end the old “witch hunt” game and figure head finding fault methodologies that go nowhere except for the fact that it makes more news media and doesn’t touch a solution.   

Grassley Sends Inquiry to Hospitals – If He Participated As an E-Patient, We Might See Some Better Questions Asked And He Could Have a Better Idea About How Health IT Works and the Value It Creates

Deals cant be made like they used to be, and for goodness sakes, kept quiet, we have transparency and the internet today; however some still think this old system will work and we end up with yet one more chapter of a healthcare soap opera, like the Nebraska deal on Medicaid.  Everybody know about it and it makes people mad as it is not fair to all, so again the best way to go into this is to have your cards up as people just get mad when they find out what really goes on.  We still have so many efforts made in this area and we end up with one more OMG story, more arguments and one more chapter in “As the Congress Turns”. 

What is a good legal decision and what is doing the “right thing”?  When I read as everyone else did about the Supreme court decision to allow companies to invest heavily in political campaigns this week, I was shocked as was everyone else.  A legal decision was made, but ask yourself, “is this the right thing to do”, I don’t think so and it somewhat appears to me to be another example of a system not wanting to take responsibility or to shift it into another area. 

Legal decisions and “the right thing” are not always the same today, a paradigm difference from what we have grown up with over the years and I hope that somebody along the line will also take issue with this.  Legally you can run software too that creates undue profits, but is this the right thing to do? I think a step back to “Right Thing 101” could certainly stand to change some of the old paradigms we used to live by and perhaps bring an awakening into the fact that just because it has a legal opinion, it’s not the right thing to do. 

As long as banks and big business though can continue to impress upon us that they have a “legal” ruling, even though they as humans may know deep inside that this is not right, nothing will change.  One good example I can think of is the CEO of United with his famous statement, “Our shareholders will prosper”, cold hearted, yes and even Senator Rockefeller with that comment asked the man how he can sleep at night.  I too sometimes wonder how people like that sleep at night too.

UnitedHealth Executive testified at the Senate – Rockefeller was not very satisfied

Is this the right thing to do to keep health insurance companies on the stock exchange?  Nothing will change with consumers installing any trust as there have been way too many stories out there on how you can’t trust them.  EHR medical record companies have to be accountable and be certified to ensure proper integration and workability, do insurance carriers have to show they are accountable, not yet to any big degree and thus we hear about one of the biggest shams in healthcare with using technology against people, and the lawsuits are filed and more are coming on the use of a data base that used figures to gouge both consumes and doctors in payment schedules to yield higher pay outs for shareholders, and yet we still continue to award anti fraud to those same organizations that defrauded thousand to fight fraud, does this make sense?

“Fair Database” to Replace Unfair Ingenix Data Base – Run by Non Profit

All of this leads me to this belief?

The 2 New Hot Words in Healthcare: Algorithms and Whistleblowers

And this:

“Department of Algorithms – Do We Need One of These to Regulate Upcoming Laws?

I write about this issues to try to break through here a bit and bring reality back into the picture as to what really goes on behind the scenes so hopefully with an educated public, we stand a better chance at real healthcare reform and by knowing more than just what’s on the surface, we as consumers can help fight and win the battle so the US does have real healthcare reform and hopefully we can drop some of these OMG stories that distract and seem to just get in the way of any real progress.  BD   

Key quote at 4:15 President Obama "Those who oppose this fee say the banks cant afford to pay back the American people without passing on the costs to their shareholders and customers. But that's hard to believe when there are reports that Wall Street is going to hand out more money in bonuses and compensation just this year than the cost of this fee over the next ten years. If the big financial firms can afford massive bonuses, they can afford to pay back the American people."

YouTube - Wall Street Can't "Take The Money And Run"


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