More information can be read at the White House Blog.  In addition a full mobile browser is in the works too.  It will be set up to watch the State of the Union address too.  This makes sense since mobile use grew 100% last year, and to think we sill have so many that still just use a cell phone for phone calls only.  BD 

WASHINGTON (AFP) – There's a new application for Apple's iPhone and it comes from the White House of President Barack Obama.image

"The White House App delivers dynamic content from to the palm of your hand," White House blogger Dave Cole said.

The free application, which is available through Apple's App Store, features live video streaming, Cole said in a blog post on late Tuesday.

"Now anyone with this app can watch the president?s public events at the White House, frequent Web chats with administration officials, and other events like key speeches and press briefings in real time," he said.

For example, Cole said Obama's January 27 "State of the Union" speech will be available to iPhone users.

White House launches iPhone application - Yahoo! News


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