I get a lot of mail and promotional information on email, but now it looks like one pharma company has decided that all the “residents” in the US postal service, or at least in some designated postal areas need to do something about potential Osteoporosis.  It is not enough we are blasted all over television with ads and now exercising a imageblast from the past with old time marketing. 

The companies here are Warner Chilcott and Sanofi Aventis, as printed on the brochure.  Wow I even got a copy of the full disclosure that comes with all prescription medications too.  This is a once a month pill and I can even sign up for a reminder to tell me when I need to take it, well I think if I were taking the medication I would rather put that in Outlook, where everything else goes. 

As usual, the notice tells me to talk to my doctor and see if Actonel is right for me.

There’s also a one month free trial and all kinds of other goodies that come along here, like seasonal bone strengthening ideas and exercise tips, and let’s not forget the calcium rich recipes, which really are not of any interest as this “resident” doesn’t cook much, that’s why they created restaurants.  At least the note on the inside went beyond “resident” and I was addressed in a more personal manner:  “dear patient”.

The warning signs here also say it could give me Jawbone problems, so I think I’ll pass on this one, not to say calcium is a bad thing by any means, I would just rather have someone other than a mailing to “resident”, who is familiar with my healthcare discuss these things with me and help me make decisions.  I would rather save trees and have less of this type of marketing from pharma reaching my mailbox, and besides what if “resident” was a he instead of a she? 

I keep a trash can now right next to my mailbox so junk mail and most of the stuff like this I receive can go right to the recyclers, just like all those coupons and grocery ads I get.  They do have a page so you can see if you qualify for their prescription saver plan on the website.  Folks, this is how I would really prefer to see this information, on the web and not in my mailbox addressed to “resident”, and please save this money spent on this advertising campaign closer to keeping the cost of drugs affordable.  BD


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