Well I do have to really give the President an “A” for this approach, as nobody seems to responding to anything else, so hey jump on the bandwagon and let it roll.  We have health insurance companies investing in the same technology today with “behavioral underwriting” with using complex and complicated algorithms to evaluate and predict what our projected behavior is going to cost them so why not see what the projected behavior of the Congress is going to cost, a “Behavioral State of the Union Address” was in order. 

The President wants to know and so do we.  It certainly goes along with where big business is going today so let’s Congress on this bandwagon (grin).  We all bailed out banks so let’s go one step further here too and get the algorithmic run downs to predict their behavior too.  It’s time the US citizens had this insight into “Behavioral Predictions” so we know what’s on the next arriving flight and how much baggage is in the belly. 

Next move, let’s work on those “Behavioral Laws” and see what more we can do here.  Let’s face it, politics is all about predicting the “behavioral habits” of constituents as this gets votes!   Below I have embedded the televised meeting with the GOP if you missed it.   Others later said this should not have been televised, gee is there an issue with transparency here?  Again, by having meetings of such, it helps us as consumers to try and at least in our heads figure out some of the “Behavioral Elements” that make up politicians and what interests they serve.

I bet today as we learn more about John Edwards, some of this behavioral data and information would have certainly saved a ton of money if we could have had more “behavioral information” up front as to what to expect. I hope he’s under a health plan that is using “behavioral underwriting” as they may be able analyze this information and compare with other no named individuals “so we don’t get fooled again” and give us the citizens some real trending areas to be aware of to avoid something like this happening again, you know just like what the insurers feel we are doing except most of our problems are real physical illnesses and not the result of not accepting actions for our responsibilities, we just get sick and want care. 

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When you view the video one thing you do have admit, the President did his homework, he read their bills and was ready to answer questions, unlike some of what we may have seen on television so much of late, with a “guess” being given as an answer that comes back later to haunt them as others who are listening in will use technology and be busy within less than 30 seconds to find the answer or substantiated data, duh some quick research on the internet for those who have not figured this out yet.    This is the world we live in and it’s not going backwards.  MSNBC does a good job of this for a quick example.

Let’s start a new movement today to get “Behavioral Data” information on all our politicians, so we too can have that insight into knowing what’s behind the lips, after all when we vote, we are “underwriting” our beliefs in how they will represent us in office and we want those algorithms to help us out to be able to predict some of this, it will save, time, money and a lot of grief!  

A big move right now for biometric monitoring of candidates running for office and their levels of participating in real time could be fun!  You want to run for office, well here’s your wireless tracking devices so use them wisely.  (In reality we can’t even handle being mobile with information on cell phones safely which applies to almost everyone)(grin). 

We as citizens want to be assured they are getting their proper levels of exercise and we want to know their blood pressure, cholesterol numbers, BMI, etc. so we can make good decisions just like insurance carriers do about us.  We could also plug in some GPS here too so we know where are Congressmen and candidates are and don’t have to wait for the likes of the National Inquirer to catch us up (i.e. John Edwards).  (grin). 

(I’m making a point here with how technology information is sometimes abused and misused for gain if you happen to be taking this too seriously.)

This is what health insurance has on the agenda soon for all of us with biometrics too if you have missed some of the recent press in this area so let’s all take advantage and get some real time information coming our way and fight the battle of being less naive and ignorant. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?  BD 

The President Holds an Open Discussion Across the Aisle | The White House


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