This is a great trick to make it look like the format used for the “real” Census, not.  Did this idea come from Glen Beck or maybe Rush Limbaugh, speaking out loud here and really curious as to who did think this one up.   You have to watch this to see the details from Rachel Maddow on the “fake” Census survey sent out.


There were even calls and complaints to the real Census bureau with recipients complaining.  With looking like the real Census forms, which are required to be filled in by law, was this a way to capitalize on those who do not have time to read everything today?  You know I get disgusted too with all the paper that arrives in my mailbox too, the junk.  This is really a slap in face as to what some senators think of their constituents, send this out and dummies will respond without reading the fine print? 

It is disappointing to me as in my area all I get is a Town Hall telephone call (surf’s up) with no warning, no prior announcement but if you want to feel privileged an hear what “I” have to say, well then please join me.  I can’t even have the option of an organized and professional Town Hall where I’m at and then I see this?  What is even more amazing is that this comes from a lot individuals who appear to have some issues with tech denial and waltz through the economic times like there is no pressing issue.  If real effective town hall meetings were held, we would need the fake census surveys would we.  Healthcare is the economy and is part of the entire fix, a huge commanding part of it and yet we see not much more than a game of “Pong” in Washington these days, very sad.  BD 

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