Do I need to say more here?  The US is not the expanding market as is being seen by pharmaceutical companies overseas.  This is just one more post that basically shows that they are following the money trail, as are many US companies.  We have heard of many plant closures but for those that close here, do more open imageoverseas or are contracts awarded overseas to do what we used to do here?  If you have not seen the rain yet, this has been going on for quite a while, and in just writing this blog, I have posted many of these types of articles.  Some jobs are just not coming back in the US, but new jobs could appear but perhaps not with the same companies and not the same jobs.  BD  

Same song, different verse: A big drug maker is cutting jobs in the developed world and growing in China.

This time, it’s Pfizer, which said today that it’s looking to increase its sales force in China to 3,200 by the end of next year, up from about 2,300, Dow Jones Newswires reported today. The company has said it will cut nearly 20,000 jobs as part of the Wyeth merger.

Eli Lilly said last fall that it would continue to hire in China, even as it cuts jobs in the U.S. and other developed markets. Novartis is also making a big push into China, hiring hundreds of workers and spending $1 billion to expand a research center in Shanghai.

Pfizer’s Looking for More Sales Reps. In China. - Health Blog - WSJ


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