From a former lifetime I spent many years in logistics and what this owner of a trucking company in Port-au-Prince is saying is 100% correct.  Stop and think a minute imageif we lost the Port of Los Angeles or the Port of New York like this and we have more ports than they do and could make alternate arrangements, but they don’t.

For medical care, food and living needs to continue, this is something that needs to be addressed quickly.  The airport is doing great but it can only do so much and when thing begin to settle with much of donation money spent, it’s ocean cargo, we depend on it here too in the US heavily.

Anyway, I thought this was great that someone mentioned this and granted there are just so many directions we need to go to help in Haiti, but they need to put someone on this right away.  As the man says, “we will starve”.   They need at least one crane operating to move cargo containers and perhaps some of the items they need too might be sitting in those ocean containers.  The man interviewed said they have around 4 weeks or so before huge shortages set in.   

The one bit of good news from the port is that everybody escaped and nobody died there.  BD

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Raymond Thomas is a jolly man who laughs easily and likes to say "Forget it" a lot.

He'd like to forget the devastation wrought at the Port-au-Prince harbor where his fleet of trucks used to pick up cargo.

Survivor: Without vital port, 'We'll starve to death, that's all' -


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