The article from the AMA also said that layoffs started to slide down a bit toward the end of the year, not as many, which I saw too as I didn’t have the substantial material to keep up with my “Desperate Hospitals” series.  We still have items as in Hawaii where the system is continuing to lose money. 

Hospitals in Hawaii Continue to Lose Money – Desperate Hospitals

In April, 2009 I had a huge list and it somewhat tapered off a bit from there.  55% at last note of the hospitals in the US are still operating in the red, take note on this number. 

Desperate Hospitals Update – April 2009

For the main picture in the “desperate series” I always liked to include a picture of the hospital in Century City, which sits on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, right in the middle of Century City where big conglomerates like AIG, Shell Oil and others have their big corporate offices.  This hospital was in walking distance of these offices and yet ran out of money and closed.    It had a DaVinci robot and all the conveniences of any hospital and then some, even to ordering from Wolfgang Puck and the movie with Jack Nicholson running a hospital (The Bucket List) was partially filmed there.

The hospital even installed Open Vista for their medical records, in record time too and worked with Keane from Massachusetts on the deal. 

It was owned by doctors trying to do a good job and nobody would lend or donate enough money, sad.  You can see where healthcare falls in the line of corporate America, at the bottom of the list. In view of what happened here with this hospital, it became my poster child with the ultimate display on the big business/healthcare scene  - nobody would invest and gave a darn about healthcare and that about sums it up.  BD   

Mass layoffs of hospital staff will hit an all-time peak when the final numbers for 2009 are tallied, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Dec. 22, 2009.

The year ended better than it started for hospital staffing. "Things have started coming down. There's no question about that," said Patrick Carey, a Bureau of Labor Statistics economist.

"Hospitals are continuing to struggle to serve and survive during this challenging economic time," said Howard A. Peters, senior vice president of the Illinois Hospital Assn. "Until we see a turnaround with people going back to work with good benefits including health care, this is going to continue to be a challenging time for hospitals."

According to a survey by the American Hospital Assn. released Nov. 11, 2009, 87% of the 768 CEO respondents made changes to address economic challenges. Approximately 51% reduced staff.

amednews: Hospital layoffs likely to hit all-time yearly high :: Jan. 18, 2010 ... American Medical News

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