Insurance is going to the dogs, literally.  This is the first time I have seen this added to an employee benefit package, and your dog does not get covered for pre-existing conditions, just like us.  There’s an out of pocket amount to be met and a bit of a wellness program for Fido too.image

You have a choice basically between what looks like a canine PPO or a POS type of service.  The network is not big enough for Fido to get HMO coverage yet I think. Dogs don’t need a referral. 

In the research end of pet care, the rewards are high there too, from 2008 a reward of 75 Million to sterilize pets without surgery.

$75 Million to Sterilize Pets With A Non Surgical Procedure - $10 Million to Build a Better Health Care System in the US

One other similarity, there’s a cap of $20,000 per year; however, no lifetime cap, gee the dogs have it I do have to say.  There’s a few other provisions especially for dogs that we would not require such as flea treatments and being neutered included in the policies too.  The policies work for cats too.  Below are a few statements from the website:

“Your pet becomes eligible for illness benefits at 12:01 am on the 15th day following the Effective Date of your policy. Conditions that occur during the waiting period will be excluded from coverage.

A policy cannot be transferred between different pets. Each pet must undergo an individual application process and underwriting review.”MAXNOSE

PurinaCare® is pet health insurance. We will not attempt to negotiate fees with veterinary service providers.”

That last line is powerful and we humans wish we had the same.  I still see this as an interesting addition to employee benefits and wonder what we might see next in that area in the future too.  You can also purchase a private policy through Purina Care.  BD 

PurinaCare created a Group Benefits Department that will offer employers and associations group discounts for providing their employees and members with pet health insurance.

Pet insurance is a coverage program designed to pick up the tab on the high cost of vet bills. A report by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association showed that last year dog owners spent $785 on average on vet bills while cat owners spent $516. Another survey by the same association showed that despite the recession, 80 percent of pet owners continued to spend the same level of money on their furry friends.

PurinaCare offers pet insurance as group benefit to employers - San Antonio Business Journal:


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