Once more budget cuts are causing the system in Arizona to not have enough money.  It’s election time though and the Governor is trying to make a statement, politics and healthcare again, same old story, but doesn’t help get healthcare to those who need it.  The proposed change would affect 300,000 people and basically knock them off, sounds like what some insurers are doing, knocking off the non profitable like Aetna announced this year when eliminating over 600,000 of their current insured.  image

One other item of interest though, the Governor called for Arizona like many other states to join in and fight the legality of the Nebraska deal.  Our governor in California said the same and finished with “they got the corn and we got the husk”.  Arizona has been in dire straights with budgets to even having to sell and rent back state government buildings, and earlier this year the big expensive stadium where football is played almost did not afford opening, but gee it is football and someone found some money to do that, so it appears football reins above healthcare in Arizona.  I am from Arizona and spent a few years working in their State Government so nothing much surprises me there.  BD 

Arizona's Medicaid program has become both a budget headache and a political football, with its costly burgeoning enrollment and the possibility that national health care legislation will add even more red ink on the deficit-plagued state's bottom line.

Enrollment in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Program has soared in the past decade, thanks to the recession and an earlier voter-mandated lowering of income eligibility thresholds.

Only when its counties were bowing under the burden of providing health care for indigents did Arizona in 1982 become the last state to join Medicaid, which was created in 1965.

Arizona Health Program Drains Cash, Stirs Debate - ABC News


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